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{ G H O S T }

You are currently to enter the Web Application to communicate with {Ghost}, an artificial neuronal network and art project hosted by Kunsthaus Graz. With your interaction you will train the artificial intelligence in the way you decide. {Ghost} will reflect parts of the current issues around the Kunsthaus, but also content besides that. You might also train or delete knowledge if you like to. {Ghost} is foremost connected to the facade of the Kunsthaus Graz, where some "thoughts" will be shared to the public.

There is NO download, login or registration needed plus the application is created to fit the most common technical requirements. This means it "should" work on almost every current internet device available. It is also very simple to use: just follow the dialog buttons – in some cases the system wants you to make a multiple selection or make an input - just use the buttonbar at the bottom to confirm.

Your interaction with {Ghost} will be limited to a certain amout of interactions to protect the system from missuse. You are very welcome to return after around an hour to have another session with the system.

None of your input data will be saved permanently - it will be used to train the neuronal connections of {Ghost} - besides that, all interactions will be processed anonymously – which means, there is no IP logging, neither user profiling or anything like that. The application will use Cookie functionality to temporary remember what you were talking about with {Ghost}. This Cookie data will be deleted after some minutes automatically.

So please, enjoy!

{Ghost} is currently in alpha status, so please excuse unapropriate behavior.